Here are just a few of the organizations that endorse Shalom Ministry:

Jonathan Settel – Musician

I have come to know the Densons as a people of integrity. I was present when they got the community together to greet their “Messianic Roots”. The presence of the Lord was strong and the Heart of the King was pumping with joy and love for what the Holy Spirit was accomplishing.

John Denson has been called to teach the Church their Jewish roots and to show the Jewish people who their Messiah really is. I stand with my brother and sister, shoulder to shoulder as they seek to serve the God of Israel through Shalom Ministry.

Rabbi Loren Jacobs – Senior Rabbi of Congregation Shema Yisrael, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

John Denson is a man of good Character and integrity and a genuine servant of the Lord. John and his wonderful wife, Donna, have a heartfelt love for the Jewish people and a strong and sincere interest in bringing the Good News of the Messiah to the Jewish people first. The God of Israel has been using the Densons to build a bridge between the African-American Christian community in Metro Detroit and the Messianic Jewish community. I value our 22-year-long friendship and highly recommend John and Donna to your congregation.

Senior Pastor Leonard Roy Harris – Grove Heights Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

I have greatly appreciated the fellowship and teaching of John Denson to our church family. It was not only edifying, but also gave us a renewed vision and burden for proclaiming the gospel to the Jew first. I encourage all pastors and in particular African-American pastors to recognize that the Lord has raised up Brother John for such a time as this to reach the “people of promise,” the Jewish people, with the gospel of the Messiah. I strongly urge you to contact John and have him speak and share.


Carl Bland – Former Detroit Lions Wide Receiver

I first met John and Donna in 1986, when John was a chapel speaker for the Detroit Lions. This led to a Messianic Bible study for team members at their homes. This was a time of discipleship, learning and developing of a real passion for the word of God. I am indebted to the Densons for my life in Christ and my family’s growth in the Lord. They have a deep and feverish love for the Jewish people and I whole-heartedly recommend them to your ministry.

Jim R. Sibley – Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies

As Director of the Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies, let me add my endorsement to others on behalf of Rev. John Denston.  I have known Rev. Denson for most of the past decade, and have found him to be a man of unquestioned integrity and unusual giftedness.  He has a love for the Jewish people that includes a concern for their salvation.  It is most unusual to find a concern for the salvation of the Jewish people in the Church, in general, and especially is this the case in the Black church.  How can this be?  Do we not all worship the God of Israel?  Could the God of Israel be indifferent to the spiritual condition of the Jewish people?  I am convinced that by understanding God’s role for Israel in His universal plan of redemption, we will learn more about our Father and the mission of the one who was named, “Jesus, for it is He who will save His people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21 ).  For these reasons, I want to strongly encourage you to support and pray for my brother, Rev. John Denson.  My prayer is that he will infect everyone whom he meets with a passion for the salvation of the Jewish people.

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