“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

Romans 1:16

I support Shalom ministry and its vision. It’s a blessing to serve as a board member for Shalom ministry. I have grown in knowledge of my Hebraic roots; and the importance of an active board of directors with different skill levels. he salvation message “to the Jew first” has become clear to me as a minister of the gospel. If the Gentile church could see this vision, more Jewish people would be won to Christ. – Pastor Glover

As being a part of the Christian community, we all know there are many thousads of ministries that we could support with many of them being good, honorable works beneficial to the Kingdom. The quetion is: Why support Shalom Ministry?

There are other ministries that purport to serve the Children of Israel, but have misled many Christians in what they are really about. Some of them even teach an anti-Christ message to the non-believing Jew they are supposed to be helping. We must be about the great call of the Holy Spirit in Acts 1:8. Yeshua’s commission first included Israel and its’ inhabitants as receiving the Gospel.

Another important reason is that I also know God has put someone at Pastor John’s side, one who is faithful and true. A beloved worker in this ministry whose strength, grace, and love for people helps make Shalom ministry what it is today, and that is John’s wife, Donna. I have always een amazed at the marvelous grace and strenth God has given to her. She is truly an ally in this ministry and to her husband John; a Proverbs 31 wife to be sure, “For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.” – Rabbi Reinwasser

Christians who want to bless the Jewish people with the message of salvation will do well to support Shalom Ministry, whose three-fold mission is to:

  • Bring peace to the Jewish people by telling them about the Prince of Peace—Messiah Yeshua.
  • Bring peace, understanding and a closer relationship between the African American and Jewish communities.
  • Build bridges between the Christian churches and the Messianic Jewish community to strengthen the bond of unity within the body of Christian believers.

Following are just a few of many reasons why Shalom Ministry is the best choice for Christians seeking a way to reach out to the Jewish community with the Gospel.

Shalom Ministry serves as a consultant to the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship and also helps establish Messianic congregations across the country. John Denson serves as one of the regional directors of the organization and is the only African-American to do so.

Another unique feature of Shalom Ministry is that because it is African-American led, it has been able to interact locally with the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills and has shared the Gospel there. The ministry is positively received at the Jewish Community Center in Metro Detroit, as well; and Pastor Denson has been a spokesman for Hillel at local college campuses (Why blacks should support Israel?) without compromising the Gospel.

Shalom Ministry holds to biblical standards, where other “Bless Israel” organizations do not.

Shalom Ministry openly and unashamedly brings the Message of the salvation made possible by the Jewish Messiah to the Jewish people first. (Romans 1:16) Other organizations do not. In fact, one well-known Orthodox rabbi is strongly opposed to Messianic Jews and Jews for Jesus. Moreover, despite receiving millions of dollars a year in support from Christians, he requires Christians who work for him to sign a document agreeing they won’t witness to Jewish people. And much of the financial support received by this ministry goes to Jewish schools where students are taught not to believe in Yeshua.

Shalom Ministry believes in Genesis 12:1-3: “I will bless those who bless you and the one who curses you I will curse.” Shalom Ministry understands that the greatest way to bless the Jewish people is by not giving money for relocation from Russia to Israel. Relocation is not a substitute for salvation! Ultimately, what does it matter if an unsaved Jewish person dies in Russia or in Israel?

On the other hand, Shalom Ministry is doing things right. We are supporting Jewish education by giving to the household of faith—Jewish believers in Jesus, who are the faithful remnant of Israel.

Through a local Bible college, the ministry has established the Hebrew Messianic Christian Institute, which is designed to equip ministerial students with an understanding of the Jewish roots of the faith and how best to take the message of salvation to the Jewish community.

Money given to Shalom Ministry goes to support institutions like Israel College of the Bible, an important institution that is helping to educate the next generation of Messianic Jewish leaders in Israel—something that is desperately needed!

Shalom Ministry wisely uses the money provided by donors by supporting the poor, persecuted suffering Believers in Israel, and doing so in the name of Yeshua. The principle is to support the family of faith first, to do everything in the name of Yeshua, to proclaim the Good News.

Shalom Ministry recognizes that Jewish people have a God-given right to the Land of Israel. Shalom Ministry teaches other Christians the Biblical reasons why they should be pro-Israel.

Shalom Ministry is starting its own publishing company, and it should be emphasized that unpaid personnel do a large percentage of the work.

The ministry provides support groups for Jewish believers, assisting them in reaching toward a balanced life in Messiah while maintaining their Jewish identity. Shalom Ministry also provides counseling for incarcerated Jewish people.

Additionally, the ministry offers life-changing workshops, seminars and retreats for the entire community, including Jewish and Gentile believers.

A dollar spent in support of Shalom Ministry is a dollar well spent, and it is also rock-solid Christian stewardship.

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