Torah-Scroll11[1]Brachot v’Shalom Brothers and Sisters in Ministry.        ברכות ושלום

Interested in earning a diploma in Messianic studies through Leavell College?  Here is some wonderful news for those who are interested in serving in Messianic ministries.  New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary through its Leavell College is now offering an on-line 48 credit-hour Diploma in Messianic Studies.  This is a wonderful opportunity for congregational planters, congregational leadership and Messianic Missionaries to study sixteen (16) 3-hour courses towards a Diploma in Messianic Studies.

Courses include:  

Introduction to Jewish Hermeneutics;  Introduction to Preaching; Worship Perspectives; Practice of Evangelism; Principles of Messianic Jewish Congregational Planting; Old Testament Survey; New Testament Survey; Christian Doctrine; Biblical Greek; Biblical Hebrew; Introduction to Counseling; Introduction to Ministry; Survey of Jewish/Christian History; Messianic Jewish Ecclesiology; Messianic Apologetics (based the Tanach and prophecy); Southern Baptist Life (This is a required class in all Southern Baptist schools of higher learning)

This course of study is recommended by the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship President, Rabbi Ric Worshill.  Please see his endorsement below.

“For several years we have been praying for a Southern Baptist seminary to offer an on-line curriculum in Messianic Studies.  The Leavell College of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is a prestigious school of higher learning that offers accredited classes that can be transferred to other courses of study and other schools.  This is an opportunity for Messianic Believers and Missionaries to start the process of their higher education on-line without leaving their home, employment or congregation.  The classes will also be able to fine tune the Hebraic Roots teachings of the local Church Pastor.  This course of study was approved on April 17th by the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Board of Trustees.  I fervently advise anyone interested in obtaining schooling in Messianic Studies, to sign up for this educational program.  I also recommend all who serve in Messianic ministry leadership to engage in schooling that will enhance their effectiveness in building up the Kadoshim (Saints) to build up the Kingdom of Yeshua (Jesus) with Chaim Ha’brit b’Yeshua (New Life in Jesus).”

Signed, Rabbi Ric Worshill, President of and servant to Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship and the Kadoshim b’Yeshua.

הוֹדוּ לַיי כִי תוֹב, כִי לֶעוֹלָם חַסדוֹ

Ho-doo L’adonai key tov,  key l’oh-lahm chas-doe

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His loving kindness endures forever

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