Greetings in the grace of Yeshua our Messiah!

As our fiscal year comes to a close, I have found the summer to be a good time to reflect upon what the Lord has done through the ministry during these past twelve months.

The following update is an overview of the opportunities God has given us in reaching Jews for their Messiah and the need for your continued prayer support.

Donna and I would like to request that you remember these precious ones in prayer before the Throne of Grace. The Lord wants us to come boldly with pure and humble hearts bringing our requests to Him. When we join in prayer together, great and mighty things are accomplished.

“. . . the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16 )

  • Pray for Ariel S. and his daughter, Michelle. Ariel was a former commando in the Israeli Army. He is now retired and lives alone in Bloomfield Hills. Donna and I have had many conversations with him, sharing our faith and listening to the marvelous stories he tells about his life. Please pray for his salvation and his daughter who we interact with as well.
  • Pray for Coby, a local Jewish merchant who we have been sharing with as well. We know he understands the Gospel and possibly believes that Jesus could be the Messiah. The pressures from the Jewish community and how that will affect his business, seems to be a barrier. Please pray for him that he would have the courage to make a decision for Christ. Pray for his wife and family as well.
  • Pray for Dr. Rene´ L. who is a child survivor of the Holocaust. We have had several meetings with him and invited him out to share his experience during the Holocaust at our Bible studies.
  • Pray for Debbie S., a local Jewish girl who Donna has been interacting with. She has been asking a lot of questions regarding the Messiah. Please pray that the Lord will cause her mind to be open to the wealth of wisdom that He has to offer and that He will continue to give her a desire for His Word. Most of all, pray that the Lord would give her a stronger desire for the love He exemplified through His willingness to give His life for us.
  • Pray for Rabbi C, a leader of a local synagogue. He and I have had many conversations on ancient Jewish history; the Messiah; and the works of the great Apostle Paul. I am continuously looking for a breach in the wall to make the true Messiah known.
  • I have been visiting and sharing with a young Jewish man named Mark A., who is currently incarcerated. Please pray that his heart will be more open to receive Jesus as the true Messiah of his people and Savior of the world.
  • Pray for the Hillel Group at W.S.U. They are a group of college students who I have had the pleasure of conducting a campus workshop on “Why I Support Israel.” Of course, this gave me an opportunity to talk about the “Messiahship” of Jesus and the debt every Christian owes to the Jewish people. I am looking forward to returning and conducting another session in the future.
  • One of the highlights for us last summer was meeting with Linda Olmert, who is the Prime Minister’s sister-in-law, and with Daniel Semens who is Director of Media and Communications for the State of Israel. We had an opportunity to share our faith at several dinners that we had together. God gave extraordinary favor to Donna to have some one-on-one time with Linda. Our follow-up has been by mail. Hopefully, when she is in the states, we will have a chance to meet with her again.
  • We would really appreciate your prayers for our evangelistic campaign and the many people that the Lord touched through our ministry. There were two Mormon girls that we were touched by and who later came to our home. We spent two hours talking about the “Jewishness” of the Bible and the true Jesus from Scripture.
  • In addition to the above requests, we ask that you also pray for these unsaved Jewish people as well: Bret, Rabbi Ekiel, Jonathan W., Michael, Michael D., Tommy, and the Shaw family.

It is our heartfelt desire that all of the Jewish people that God has brought into our lives would see the beauty, majesty and holiness of their Messiah and, most importantly, that they receive Him by faith.

Finally, we need to follow through on the contacts that we made at the campaign. In order to do that, we need your support. As of this writing, less than $1,000 came in and we can’t possibly meet our basic needs – not to mention the ministry’s needs. Please talk to people and leaders that may be interested in supporting the work.

May God give to you as you have given in your prayers and financial support.

Shalom, until the nets are full
John and Donna Denson

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