Last week something amazing occurred behind the scenes in Detroit – most of the most important and prominent Christian leaders in the Greater Detroit Area met to discuss what could be done to revitalize Detroit. The meeting was driven by Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney, a Metro Detroit native and former University of Colorado head football coach, who felt God was calling him to make a difference after Detroit had declared bankruptcy.

Pastor Denson, pastor of Congregation Shalom in Ferndale and a state field representative for Promise Keepers. said,

This was an amazing move of God to bring these pastors and spiritual leaders together. This is something we have been trying to do for many years. Only God could have opened the door for these extremely busy leaders to find a common time and purpose for this cause.

Promise Keepers has decided to use their organization to assist Detroit both organizational and financially to get back on the right track. Money alone will not fix Detroit. The strategy is to resurrect this city from the dead by bringing the light and love of Christ back into the inner city.

Pastor Denson goes on to say,

It sends a positive message to the neighborhoods. Those who have remained, they need to know that the clergy is standing with them and understands their plight, their call for help.

Please keep us and Detroit in prayer as we seek to win this spiritual war.

The Amazing Press Coverage of These Meetings


Here are links to the media coverage from the Reviving Detroit Summit. God blessed us greatly during these efforts.

The television stations Fox 2, WDIV Local 4 and WXYZ-TV Action 7 News all covered the news conference on the day of the event to do stories on the news. I do not see the actual video clips on their websites but they covered the story.

PBS did a story that aired nationally on August 23rd on a program called “Religion and Ethics News Weekly.” The Story is also on the PBS Website. Reporter Kim Lawton did the story.

The Pastors were featured Thursday night on a national show with Pastor Marvin Miles on the Total Christian Television Network. Look at the On Demand section and then click on Celebrate 8/22/13

Christian Broadcasting Network did an interview about the Reviving Detroit Summit Thursday afternoon via Skype with Coach McCartney. The web link below includes a place to click to watch the interview, which aired on the morning of August 23rd.

Peter Nielsen who does segments for Good Morning America, shot video of the Reviving Detroit Summit and plans to do a two minute story, which will air on the ABC station in Detroit soon. His segments are called Peter’s Principles.

We had preview stories from Detroit’s largest news radio station WWJ. It features a recorded audio interview and an internet story.

WWJ also covered the event on Thursday on the radio and posted the story below online.

We had a preview story on WDIV NBC’s website

Detroit News reporter Mark Hicks did a very good preview story of the event. featured preview information about Thursday’s event. has a good story written by Ken Langdon that summarizes how the Reviving Detroit Summit builds upon the efforts launched by Sanford pastors. featured an excellent story by Angela G. King titled “Can Sanford Pastors’ Success Work in Other Cities?”

The Christian Post wrote a good story, written by Jessica Martinez

The Detroit Free Press did a good story on the event, By Cassandra Spratling

We got a decent story from Urban Christian News covering the actual event.

We had a story from World News Views covering the actual event. ran a story on the actual event based on WWJ coverage. did a story summarizing the event.


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