On Thursday, September 26, Shalom Ministry partnering with Promise Keeper‘s assembled some of the most influencial spiritual leaders in the city of Detroit to further the discussion on Revitalizing Detroit. (I was fortunate enough to be in the meeting as the note taker).

The attendees included: PK Leader, John Denson of Congregation Shalom; Loren Jacobs of Congregation Shema Yisrael; Scott McKee of Ward Church; Bob Schirock of Oak Pointe Church; Ron Risher, Executive Chairman and CEO of Budco; Doug Schmidt of Woodside Bible Church; Chris Brooks of Evangel Ministries; Marvin Miles of the International Gospel Center; Ben Gibert of Detroit World Outreach; Chris Lambert of Ekklesia Detroit; Paul Bersche, retired pastor and cooperation leader with EACH; Jim Bahbah of Oak Pointe Church; and Haman Cross of Rosedale Park Baptist Church. Other leaders not in attendence included: Lem Barney of Hope United Methodist Church; and Peter Nielsen, world-renowned fitness expert.

The catalyst for this second meeting of Detroit’s spiritual leaders was brought about by Coach Bill McCartney, the founder of Promise Keepers, when he felt he was being moved by the Holy Spirit to do something for bancrupt Detroit. Thus, he offered to undergird the project Revitalize Detroit with a generous donation.

The initial concept of these meetings is to bring together for discussion the pastors from the suburbs with the pastor from the inner city. By opening lines of communication between these two groups of pastors, we believe that the church can impact the city of Detroit for the glory of Messiah Yeshua.

It was really a tremendous opportunity to listen to the currently ongoing projects many of these spiritual leaders have already accomplished in their own ministries. One pastor walked and prayed over 12 city blocks and then worked with God to watch those neighborhoods miraculously become transformed. Another pastor spoke of building a house over the summer for a needy couple in just six days. Another pastor spoke of training men in the city of Detroit in theological studies to then go back into their communities and preach the gospel.

The stategy for Revitalize Detroit has many elements that are beginning to solidify, but it would be a little too early to share those things with the pulic at this time.

Please continue to pray for the city of Detroit and the Revitalize Detroit Ministerial Group that God will grant them the wisdom to His will in the city of Detroit.

To God be the glory! Amen.


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D. G. Lett is Christian author and publisher. He is also a Licensed Christian Minister and serves as a Deacon at Woodside Bible Church in Warren, MI. He has been a sitting member of the board for Shalom Ministries since 2007 and now serves as the Chairman of the Board. He has taught classes and bible studies for several years. Don has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Wayne State University. His passion is teaching the pure doctrine and universal truths of Christ. He has a passion for studying history, philosophy and theology. Don is blessed with a beautiful wife and three healthy boys. His first book speaks about politics, religion and eschatology, called Phoenix Rising: The Rise and Fall of the American Republic. His second book deals with living the Christian life and is called The Lost Parable of the Cross.

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