A little over a week ago, Shalom Ministry partnered with Promise Keepers to host a Souteast Michigan Leadership meeting to promote their upcoming “Awakening the Warrior” stadium event in Battle Creek, MI. It was extremely exiciting to see and meet so many of the prominent religious leaders in the area. The continental-style breakfast meeting was held at the San Marino Club in Troy, MI.

Father Dalton opened the ceremony with a prayer asking God, “to stir up the warrior within us and to bless the fellowship.” Afterwards, the attendees, grabbed a bite to eat and coninued in fellowship. A short time later, Pastor Denson, Promise Keeper’s Field Representative for Michigan, thanked everyone from coming out, adding in his usual humorous style that he knew the attendees could be doing something more interesting “looking for Jimmy Hoffa body.”

Jonathan Seller, Woodside Bible Church Worship Leader Testimony

The praise was led by Jonathan Seller who is Woodside Bible Church’s Worship Leader. Before begining the praise, Johnathan gave a tremendously powerful testimony about how attending a Promise Keepers event at the Pontiac Silverdome, at the age of twelve, impacted his life. The event changed his life. Seeing this many men coming together to praise God. Seeing the worship band on stage, praising the Lord with all their might. He bought the CD and listened to the music constantly while delivering papers on his paper route. At that time, he even began singing some of the verses of several of the songs that were on that CD. I was sitting next to Dr. Washington, President and CEO of Promise Keepers, and immediately he began singing with Johnathan – both of their eyes lighting up, in remembrance of that amazing event almost 15 years ago. Johnathan then said that it was at that event that he said to himself, “Someday I will be on that stage, leading worship.” Jonathan, in his Chris Tomlin style, then preceeded to led a most amazing, spirit-filled worship.

Dr. Reed Discusses the Healing of the Promise Keeper’s Event

Next, Pastor Denson introduced Dr. Reed who gave his testimony about Promise Keeper’s effect in his life. He said he grew up in the church, but also in a single parent household. The Promise Keeper’s event, helped him with healing from those wounds. He learned that men can cry, pray and share. These things bring about healing, going on to say:

Our country is in trouble now because men are missing in action when it comes to worship, when it comes to prayer and when it comes to leading in the church. …We need more kings in the kingdom. David was a priest, prophet and a king and he knew how to take territory for the King.

Dr. Bernard Cannon Discussed the Largest Meeting of Pastors in History

Dr. Bernard Cannon, pastor of Perfecting Church in Detroit, discussed the effect of attending the Atlanta Promise Keeper’s Leadership Event, which became known as the largest gathering in history of pastors (43,000). He said, Dr. Tony Evans was speaking, who said, “If your problem is bigger than God, then you are serving the wrong God!” Dr. Cannon went on to say,

Awakening the Warrior is talking directly to you and I. Saying we need to step up to the plate. Men are not stepping up to the plate and taking their rightful place. …Once you get your house in order then you can go out and spread that to someone else. …a lot of problems are that our houses are out of order. The answer to putting this in order is Jesus Christ.

Then we watched the following film highlights, which got me tremendously excited about attending the upcoming event in Battle Creek:

Dr. Raleigh Washington on our Moral Decline

Dr. Washington began by discussing the moral diseases that are infected the spiritual leaders of our houses – the men in the homes. He began rattling off so many statistics that it was difficult to keep up with him, which is a sad declaration in itself of our current condition.

The fastest age becoming addicted to internet pornography is 13-17. 40% of kids live in a home without a dad. In the inner city, 70% live in a home without a dad. He summed up our responsibility, saying,

The problem with America is that the moral decadence can be laid squarely at the feet of men.

In addition, 50% of claiming Christians do not acknowledge the resurrection of the Lord. This demonstrates how biblically illiterate Christians are. Astonishingly, only 4% of the Millenials have a biblical worldview.

Josh McDowell says that the loss of a generation has happened on our watch. 9 out of 10 church-going children, when they graduate from High School will leave the church. However, about 50% of children involved in the Awana, eventually become involved in ministry. 2 out of 5 Christian marriages report physical abuse. And because of all this moral decay, he stated,

The day is coming when you will be put in jail for preaching the unadulterated Word of God. Unless we stand up now. …We in a war. You may not realize it, but we are in a war.

Our motto used to be “Men transformed worldwide.” Our new vision is “Men transforming the world.”

No longer sitting on the premises, but standing on the promises.

He then discussed the list of Battle Creek Leaders and Performers:

    • Emcee – Propoganda
    • Jeremy Camp – Worship
    • Brad Stine – Comedian
    • Larry Acosta – A Band of Brothers: Unity
    • Rick Rigsby – Defending the Homefront: Family
    • Dan Seaborn – Winning the Battle Within: Purity
    • Sam Rodriguez – Waking the Warrior: Masculinity
    • Derwin Gray – The Epic Battle of the Heart: Salvation
    • Raleigh Washington – The Warrior’s Weapon: Hear and Obey God’s Word

Lee Domingue, Promise Keeper’s Board Member, Author and Speaker

Lee Domingue, business man and author of “Pearls of the King,” greeted us from the bayou.

Lee stated that he was a business leader and he feels that we need to connect business people to kingdom purposes.

A business person who is not connected to a kingdom purpose, will fill the void with pornography, mistresses, drug abuse, and etc.

…How did this happen? Because he was never connected to Kingdom purpose. …God has given each one of us a defined lane to stand in.

…Being a kingdom builder is about God, family, mission. …Don’t despise the battle, because you have been fortified to win this war.

He ended his talk saying, “The local church is the hope of the world.” He then closed in prayer.

I pray for marriages to be saved, children to grow up in Godly homes, and I pray that the Promise Keepers will ignite a fire in this city, the community, the nation and the globe.

Promise Keepers Battle Creek, MI Event Information

Program Times:

  • Friday Evening: Doors open at 5:00 PM; Program is 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: Doors open at 8:00 AM; Program is 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

For more information and to go to the Promise Keeper’s Registration Site click here.

Photo Gallery –

Promise Keepers Leader’s Meeting Photo Gallery


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