DETROIT, MI – Detroit’s inner city and suburban pastors will join Promise Keepers to lead the Reviving Detroit Summit on Thursday, August 22nd. The summit will be held at the historic Hotel St. Regis in downtown Detroit. The event will unite over 40 local pastors to revitalize Detroit; to lead the city back from economic and spiritual bankruptcy; to foster racial reconciliation and to address crime and social issues hurting residents of Detroit’s metro area.

Dr. Raleigh Washington, CEO and President of Promise Keepers, and Promise Keepers Founder Coach Bill McCartney will lead the Reviving Detroit Summit .Pastor John Denson will be the Detroit host They will join Detroit Christian leaders, Pastor Bob Shirock Pastor Marvin Miles, Pastor Haman Cross, Jr, Pastor Scott McKee, Messianic Rabbi Loren Jacobs and other prominent spiritual leaders for an in-depth dialogue on solving our community’s problems. Pastor Derrick Gay of Sanford, FL is the keynote speaker. He is leading a National Reconciliation and Relationship Initiative to heal racial divisions, after the death of Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman trial verdict.

The media is invited to attend breakfast at 9 AM at the Hotel St. Regis on West Grand Boulevard. The dialogue to discuss solutions to Detroit’s problems begins at 9:30 AM. There will be a news conference with Detroit pastors and other leaders at 10:30 AM.

Key Pastors taking part in the Reviving Detroit Summit are available for interviews ahead of the August 22nd event to general public awareness about what they are doing and how the public can get involved to make a difference. This meeting is by invitation only.

Contact: Keith Landry/ Christian Life Missions

Call (407)474-3841 or


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  • John Germain says:

    I love the concept of restoring Detroit, but what EXACTLY makes this effort different from all the other attempts over the past fifty (or more) years?? It’s becoming as boring as hearing “Restore the Roar” from the Lions for so many years! As soon as it seems something good is happening, bam – we elect another Kilpatrick, or a Conyers, or some other Democrat that just wants to rip the city. Although it is good to think positive, we also have to live in the REAL world. It will take a PROLONGED positive change and the only prolonged thing in Detroit has been crime. Sorry, but the experience of living around Detroit for sixty five years, having to driving through the riots to my job, seeing Kilpatric and others like him getting a second term to do further ripping of the city, and seeing all the blight. Detroiters need a change of morals and attitude before anything will get better. It’s about voting for the right people, we can’t vote for those supporting immorality like abortion, sodomy, casinos, fornication, legalizing drugs, strip clubs, and all the rest. These same people are in church on Sunday singing and crying Jesus and then go to the voting booth and put immoral idiots like Obama into office. If you want help from God then Detroit needs to ACT, and VOTE according to God’s commandments, sin IS crime to God. I wish the pastors and the “promise keepers” a lot of good wishes and prayers with this project, I just can’t see them changing the liberal, sinful mindset now ingrained into them, even many “religious” pastors support this immoral mindset and try to justify it by saying these evil politicians “help the poor”. No one is more “poor” than those with a “poor” soul. Build up riches for Heaven not for earth. Any society that lived by God’s laws always flourished, and every society that went against God failed. And we have failed because we sacrifice morality for aid. The Democratic party is the new “god” for those who want aid. Stop sin and you stop crime, live God’s way and you will flourish.

    • Pastor Denson says:

      Thank you John for your comment. It is a spiritual issue – you are very correct. Continue to pray with us for Detroit. Blessings in the Messiah.

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