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Credibility of the Shroud

Supernatural artifact or hoax?

The most studied and controversial artifact in human history

The Shroud of Turin is arguably the single most studied artifact in human history. It is a piece of ancient linen measuring 14 feet 3 inches long by 3 feet 7 inches wide. The bloodstained surface of the shroud is marked with a negative image the undistorted front and back sides of a naked man who appears to have been severely beaten and crucified — an ancient Roman form of torture and execution.

Modern scientists have spent thousands of hours of intense research on the fiercely contested linen that is believed to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ

Discover new evidence

Be informed of the latest controversies


William Guy, M.D., Ph.D., an expert and scholar in the field of study presents an in-depth account of the facts in this comprehensive 5-hour DVD set.



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