Revive Detroit

TCT Presents: Celebrate – LIVE in Detroit

August 22nd, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm

Host: Marvin Miles


International Gospel Center

375 Salliotte Ecorse, MI 48229


OPEN (clipstore1)

  1. WELCOME (standing)




  1. THANK GARTH & TINA [over 35 years]


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1st Song:    “Title” by Tim Bowman Jr.             4:00


(Toss to Marvin Miles)



  1. Interview Guest 1                                              10:00

  1. Pastor John Denson

  2. Shalom Ministry




(Toss to Larry Mack)

In Prayer Room (Black HH Mic) – Larry Mack [Greater Dreams Church]                      3:00


  1. Interview Guests 2                                              15:00

  1. Coach Bill McCartney

  2. Promise Keepers, Founder

  3. 866.776.6473

  4. P.O. Box 11798 Denver, CO 80211

  5. ————————————————————————–

  6. Dr. Raleigh Washington

  7. Promise Keepers, President & CEO

  8. 866.776.6473

  9. P.O. Box 11798 Denver, CO 80211



“Title” by Tim Bowman Jr.                 4:00




  1. Pastor Efrain Perez
  2. Centro Cristiano Internacional Betel
  3. 2592 E. Walton Blvd Auburn Hills, MI 48326

  4. 248.322.0052




(Toss to Larry Mack)

In Prayer Room (Black HH Mic) – Larry Mack [Greater Dreams Church]                      3:00



(Toss to Marvin Miles)


  1. EVERYONE standing on Center set                        3:00
  2. Closing Prayer
  3. Closing by ____________
  4. TCT Support —– P.O. Box 1010 Marion, IL 62959



Marvin Miles




Pastor Marvin N. Miles is supported by his lovely wife Carolyn and his darling children:  Jasmine, Mosea, Malik and Meghan.  He pastors International Gospel Center in Ecorse, Michigan, where he is directed by one greater than himself to reach out to individuals via those things that are tangible as well intangible.  His vision as a leader is far-reaching and is not limited to the church.  He reaches out to the community in ways that have impacted individuals’ lives enormously.

Pastor Miles, the youngest of five sons of Dr. Luvenia Miles and the late Pastor Charles O. Miles, graduated from the School of Ministry in 1979.  As a young individual, it was evident that God’s call was on his life.  He also graduated from Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Economics.  He received another Bachelor’s degree in Education and History from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Pastor Miles is strongly dedicated to spiritual outreach, community relations, prison ministries, affordable housing, international experiences, mission leadership, program planning and development, grief counseling, youth mentorship, volunteer programming, committee leadership and nursing home ministries.  He has helped many individuals break away from the yoke of poverty.  Many young people have stopped running the streets and are now working diligently in the church because of Pastor Miles’ outreach to the youth.  Former prisoners who met Pastor Miles while in prison are now members of International Gospel Center.  This is due to Pastor Miles’ constant visits to preach to them and the power of God that delivered them.

Because of his community achievements and spiritual leadership, Pastor Miles was awarded the Pastor of the Year Award by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 2009.  He has achieved many of his goals during his tenure as pastor.  He instituted the Charles O. Miles Community Outreach, which dispenses food to indigent individuals in the community.  His assistance to foreign missions is absolutely outstanding.  Many Christians in third world countries have received tapes, Bibles and Sunday School materials as part of Pastor Miles’ literature distribution campaign.

Pastor Miles hosts TCT Television Network’s Detroit Connect, which reaches several million people worldwide.  He is president of the Charles O. Miles Senior Non-Profit Housing Corporation, the entity under which Miles Manor, International Gospel Center’s 37-unit senior complex, sits.  He’s president of Miles Salliotte Development, LLC, the entity under which the Salliotte Townhouse Condominiums sit.  He’s president of IGC Community Development Services, LLC, the entity under which the International Apartments sits.  He also sits on the New Market Tax Credit Advisory Board for Wayne County.  He’s also Chaplain for Wayne County, and a member of the Downriver Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance.

Pastor Miles organizes Empowerment Conferences throughout the country in an effort to teach individuals how to develop properties, as well as obtain the funds necessary to do so.  In recognition of his dedication to International Gospel Center’s Salliotte Development Project, Pastor Miles was awarded the Vision Award by Mr. Robert A. Ficano, Wayne County Executive.  This award commends the vision and investment of International Gospel Center to the City of Ecorse and Wayne County.  He also initiated the first Neighborhood Enterprise Zone in the city of Ecorse.

Because of Pastor Miles’ anointed ministry and leadership, individuals are joining International Gospel Center in record numbers.  God has imparted in Pastor Miles a uniquely powerful teaching and preaching ministry, which has taken International Gospel Center to an extremely high spiritual level.  Through his deep devotion to humanity and personal daily relationship with Christ, he is making footprints in the sands of time.

For further information, write to: Pastor Marvin N. Miles, P.O. Box 900, Southfield, MI  48037
(313) 389-2700
 office, (313) 389-1694 fax,


Coach Bill McCartney (Interview)


Former head football coach of the University of Colorado, Coach Bill McCartney is the Founder, and Chairman Emeritus of Promise Keepers.


The mission of Promise Keepers is to issue a catalytic clarion call to the Body of Christ, to hear and obey the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.


He is also the founder of The Road to Jerusalem ministry. The organization’s mission is to encourage Gentile believers in Jesus Christ to embrace the Messianic Jewish community.


Coach “Mac” led the University of Colorado to a share of the national championship in 1990. He is a member of the Orange Bowl Hall of Fame and the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, and was honored as Big Eight Conference Coach of the Year in 1985, 1989, and 1990. He won National Coach of the Year honors in 1989. He received the Honorary Dr. of Ministries from Azusa Pacific University for extraordinary work in the field of racial reconciliation.


He is the author of five books, Ashes to Glory, Sold Out, Sold Out Two-gether with Lyndi McCartney, Blind Spots and Two Minute Warning.


Coach “Mac” lives with his wife, Lyndi, in Westminster, CO. The McCartneys have four grown children: Mike, Tom, Kristyn, and Marc, and ten grandchildren.

Dr. Raleigh Washington (Interview)

Dr. Raleigh Washington serves Promise Keepers as its President and CEO, and the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors. The mission of PK is to issue a catalytic clarion call to the Body of Christ, to hear and obey the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. He formerly served PK as VP of Reconciliation and EVP of Global Ministries.


Dr. Washington is the founder and Pastor Emeritus of Rock Of Our Salvation Evangelical Free Church in Chicago, Illinois, (an urban church reaching across racial barriers in the inner city of Chicago).


He co-authored Breaking Down Walls: A Model of Reconciliation in an Age of Racial Strife with Glen Kehrein, the 1994 Gold Medallion winner from the Christian Booksellers Association.


Dr. Washington attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, earning the Bronze Star for meritorious service in Vietnam. He entered Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1980 (now known as Trinity International University), where he earned his Master of Divinity and received numerous awards. Raleigh was awarded Doctor of Peacemaking by Westminister College. He was the third receipient of the award; the first went to Mother Teresa and the second went to Bishop Desmond Tutu.


At Trinity, Raleigh developed the Master of Arts in Urban Ministries program, which he directed for six years. He holds honorary doctorates from Trinity International University, Westminster College, and Azusa Pacific University. Dr. Washington has been a featured speaker for Promise Keepers, Moody Founders Week and many other ministries.


He and his wife Paulette live in Denver and attend Church In The City, a thriving multi-cultural, inner city church.


Pastor John Denson (Interview)

Pastor John Denson is a dynamic Christian speaker who specializes in the Messianic perspective of conveying Bible truths. John’s commitment to the historic, literal interpretation of the Scripture, with practical insights, is very unique in today’s world. God is using John’s unique materials to feed many hungry hearts who want to know the Truth and nothing but the Truth. His ministry is not born of theory alone, but of John’s own personal struggles and triumphs. His approach is enthusiastic, and his presentation will challenge you to seriously consider God’s direction for your life in Messianic ministries.

John has served as a full-time director for the Christian Jew Foundation, Youth for Christ, Prison Fellowship, Director of New Life prison Ministries, and Director of Pastoral Care for Minirth Meier Clinics. He is a member of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He has a solid background in family therapy in addition to years of experience in working with Christian leaders. He is sought out in the community as a teacher/trainer and has conducted numerous workshops, seminars and retreats.


Tim Bowman Jr. (Music)


It’s not often that it happens. But once in a while a young artist comes along with the skill, vision, passion and creative foresight to make a meaningful impact on us all. Tim Bowman Jr. is one of those people.


The Michigan native has what can only be described as a voice to heal the soul. His smooth timbre and rich milky falsetto resonate even after the music stops. Where he shines, though, is his ability to hone in on his musical background and find the perfect place within each chord and the rhythm. The cultivation process has been years in the making, however. On any given Sunday, over the past 15 years, there’s a good chance you’d hear a young Tim Bowman Jr. using his God-given gift to sing the gospel and inspirationally move the congregation to tears with a simple walk into his childhood church.


It seemed like just yesterday Bowman wowed the industry singing alongside gospel sensation, Vickie Winans. At just 17 years old, Bowman used his precocious talent to melodically scat – reminiscent of jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald – on the hit single Shake Yourself Loose Remix . We heard him again on Winans’ gospel hit song, How I Got Over. Since then, the now 23 year old has traveled the country singing with his famous aunt and also singing with his father, Smooth Jazz veteran, Tim Bowman. There’s no question that music is ubiquitous to the young artist’s makeup.


Now, Tim Bowman Jr. has taken the reigns and after many years of sitting under some of the best in the business, he’s ready to release his debut album. Finally, Bowman is giving his take on the subject. The highly anticipated album is dedicated to his first love, Jesus Christ; highlighting the healing power and pure love that comes from his relationship with God.


All his experiences and opportunities have helped mold Bowman as an artist. “I’ve recorded an album intended to evoke genuine human emotion and enlighten the world on the love of Christ.” Bowman says, “Nice beats are cool. New sounds are hot. But, what I want most is for people to feel again.”


In an era saturated with throbbing 808’s accompanied with lyrics boasting of negativity and materialism, the purest and most refreshing breath is taken after hearing Bowman’s first offering. His sound is definitely different…in a good way. Bowman has pulled from his musical influences of jazz, alternative, gospel and soul music to present a work that will undeniably change the game. “Each song should stand alone. Sometimes, you only have one chance for a person to hear and connect with your message. I want every person who listens to this album to not only get that message but also to feel the FUN I had making it,” Bowman says.


Describing his music as “Christian & Gospel”, Tim’s debut album features gospel superstars, Vickie Winans and Dorinda Clark-Cole. His first single, “He Will” featuring his aunt, Vickie Winans, sticks pleasantly to the gospel tradition and will, no doubt, quickly climb the gospel charts. One of the strongest offerings is the moving declaration, “Healer.” The simple yet pure praise and worship ballad is a reflection of Bowman’s faith. Tim says, “It’s all there. Everything you need to understand about His power is in the words to this song.” Executive produced by his father, Tim Bowman, who has been producing his own critically acclaimed records for years, the album is nothing close to amateur. While the young artist is new to the industry, the quality stands with the best of them.


Pastor Efrain Perez (message)

Perez Pastors are a young couple constituted by God to be part of our Lord’s desire to perfect the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. This couple, native of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico begins his relationship dating in the city of Guayama. In this beautiful unity God has sustained for more than 18 years, of which 15 have been linked by a covenant marriage. Their lives have been impacted by the supernatural power of Jesus Christ and because of the good news of the kingdom of God, Jesus entered rule over his being nine years ago. Since then the Holy Spirit has been leading us into all truth and teach all that Jesus spoke in his word.

Perez LosPastores experienced rebirth in 2001 in the Light of the World Church-AG located in the city of Pontiac under the care of pastors Ippolito and Gloria Bernard. It was in this church where they were instructed by the leadership of this and developed for the work of ministry. During his seven years of commitment to God, with the pastors and congregation, the brothers Pérez had the privilege given by God to exercise leadership in youth ministry. Then under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the approval of our Pastors Yazmin sister founded the School of the Bible Barea by Global University, which he called Adonai Bible Institute. Efrain’s brother acted as a youth leader in Michigan Sectional Presbytery of the Assemblies of God under the supervision of Pastor Ezequiel Torres-Priest. This couple passionately in the work of God have been involved in the mission field and participants from a mission trip to the Republic of Venezuela in 2004. In 2006, the Holy Spirit begins to reveal the sister Yazmin messages as songs and instructed him to record a professional level, this was the beginning of the ministry of Yazmin Reyes Music. In 2003, prophetic word given about his life through the mouth of Reinaldo Velazquez Evangelista a young hood. In this word God is pleased to express his ministerial plan for them in front of the congregation and visitors, stating that in five years from this time were exercising a pastoral role. This was a confirmation of what God was stirring in their hearts, so that by it God reveals part of his ministerial plan for them.

It was in 2007 where God introduces a transition from local church to the Latin Christian Center. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the approval and blessing of Pastors Bernard these young people are sent to be part of a new plantation within the American District of the Assemblies of God under the leadership of Pastors Adrian and Silvia Falgetelli. It was under the cover of the family Falgetelli Pastore Perez entered ministerial mentoring as they formed the structure of this church. They were part of the leadership which began with 12 leaders. This beautiful church began to experience growth and development during the first year of life, while the work was developing the Perez brothers also experienced development in this new phase of his ministerial life. In 2008, after having been tested and found faithful by Pastors Falgetelli were named as Youth Pastors and sister Yazmin as Director of Praise and Worship Local. Just five years after the prophecy received regarding a pastoral role. This was the fulfillment of that prophecy. In early youth ministry for mentoring conversations between Adrian and brother Pastor Efrain, Pastor recommended that he continue his ministerial studies because God was leading them to a higher level ministerial. It was thus decided where Brother Efrain MISOM study (Michigan School of Ministry) by Global University while ministered Youth Ministry. In 2009 Falgetelli Pastors recognize them as the Associate Pastors and began a transition to greater leadership. God was commissioned to direct his steps towards what was to come later that same year. In the same year the sister Yazmin records and releases his first musical production entitled “The Creator” by Yamin Reyes ( In the month of October the Holy Spirit put an urgency about Pastor Efrain, which told him that it was time to pastor a congregation, but he did not understand why God spoke in this way. Silently continue seeking God’s guidance. In early November after a service at a church in Lincoln Park, a young woman approaches him and hands him a folded paper which had some words engraved with the following message: “before this year is over I’ll give you a surprise” . This was very shocking to him, but did not understand why God used this young to tell you this. Later this month the Pastor Adrian extended an invitation to his house for dinner, using the following words: “I invite you to dinner and I have a surprise for you.” This was very intriguing so I went to dinner with much anticipation. The day of the dinner Adrian Pastor express what God was doing in his family and where he was headed. God opened doors to pastor a church in Minneapolis, MN and through much prayer, time and confirmation of the Spirit decided to offer the opportunity to take the general pastorate the Perez family. It was at that moment that God confirmed everything I was doing in the hearts of Pastors Pérez, so cut to the heart instantly and began to mourn under the touch of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Efrain express all that God was doing and this was the seal of confirmation that everything that was happening in the two families was ordained by God.

Since then the family Perez began the transition of official recognition by the Assemblies of God. On April 4, 2010 Pastors Perez took the pastorate of the Center Christian Latin – God is Love as interim pastors. From that time until the day June 21, 2010 they waited patiently and got the reward for their patience and loyalty. Pastor Efrain Today is officially recognized as Pastor of CCL. God called them, prepare them, in time opened the doors and call recognized him in the eyes of men. The call and the ministry God gives. This ministry is under the coverage of the Assemblies of God, but not limited to it and recognizing the order established in the word of God. The coverage and the ministerial order is established in Ephesians 4:11-16 model established ministry in your congregation. The building is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the corner stone (Ephesians 2:20).SHAPE

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