Dear John, Pastor Denson:

RabbiJayMy wife Michele and I are proud to be sponsors of Shalom Ministry. I remember when we met you at our first SBMF conference in June 2006.

You and other SBMF leaders really opened your hearts to Michele and I and the new Messianic Congregation we were getting ready to plant in Marietta GA, called Beth Chaim, House of Life. I was excited to learn of your personal love for the Jewish people, the Jewish Jesus, Israel and Messianic Judaism. We were so excited to meet you and to learn of the bridge you were developing between the African American Church, Southern Baptist and Messianic Jewish communities through Shalom Ministry.

As you recall, a year later, with your support, the SBMF sponsored Michele and I for Ordination and I became one of the first 8 Southern Baptist Pastors also credentialed as a Messianic Rabbi. Rabbi Worshill, then President of SBMF along with the SBMF Board and other leaders like yourself were looking to help form new Church groups to foster outreach to the Jewish people and to bring some to salvation, as well as to help the traditional Church open their hearts back to the Hebraic nature of our Lord. Without the forward thinking of pastors like yourself, and others in SBMF,  it would be more difficult for Jewish Believers like myself to gain Church credentials to serve as Pastors/Messianic Rabbis.

Over the years, Michele and I have witnessed tremendous growth and diversification out of Shalom Ministry with the express intent to bring the unsaved to salvation, to the Jew first, and then to disciple through numerous on-line, ministry, seminary, congregational and other types of education and opportunities to serve.  The Shalom Congregation, Shalom Ministry Website, New Church Plants, On-line Messianic Studies and Degrees, Trips to Israel and so many other creative and life changing channels for growth into trained, faithful and anointed Hebraic Christian Leaders.

Thank you, Pastor Denson, for the dedication you and your wife Donna, your ministry leadership and ministry members have shown to help the Jewish people find their salvation and for caring about Michele and I and our ministry.

We love you (Shalom Ministry) and recommend you and trust in you and the Lord Yeshua HaMashiac we mutually serve,it is our prayer that more believers and  churches support this unique mission  because of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob  who is the God and Lord of all nations.


Rabbi Jay Fielding

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