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Our congregation has answers to many of the questions Jews and Christians have in their heart and soul, such as:

How can I experience a deeper personal relationship with God?

Are there blessings I am not receiving from God?

How can I be more effective for the Kingdom and live in God’s power?

Is Jesus still Jewish?

Do the words “Christ” and “Messiah” mean the same?

Have God’s Appointed Times and Israel’s holidays ended with the Resurrection?

Is the modern State of Israel a miracle for the Church or only for the Jewish people?

How do we share the Gospel with Jewish people we know?

What will the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah be like?  Am I prepared to enter?

Is Messianic Worship just for Jewish Believers or will all Christians be blessed?

Is the Old Testament still relevant for Believers and the Church today?


At Congregation Shalom you will learn and experience the tremendous joy in the revelation that Christianity is not a replacement of Judaism or Israel, but rather Judaism extended to both Jews and Gentiles through faith in the Jewish Messiah.


The word “Church”, often thought of today as a Gentile Christian house of worship, really means the entire body of believers (both Jew and Gentile) who have put their faith and trust in Messiah Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are learning to become like Him.  Christianity is founded in Judaism as expressed in the Jewish Scriptures and through the further revelation of the New Testament scriptures, also written by Jewish apostles.


Once a person is “Born Again” into the Kingdom of God, both Jewish and Non-Jewish Christians become citizens of Messiah’s Israel.  Together Jews and Non-Jews can embrace all the covenant blessings God bestowed on Father Abraham as equal citizens and heirs to all the spiritual blessings of our Heavenly Father.  We invite our community to join with us and learn how to more deeply and fully walk with the Lord through the great blessings He gave to Abraham and his descendants.  Now God’s Appointed Feasts and Times and God’s teachings to Israel also belong to our beloved Church.  The Land of Israel is not only the homeland of God’s Jewish people but is the Spiritual homeland of all who are now Citizens of Messiah’s Israel.


We pray our beloved Jewish people, the Nation of Israel, will worship Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and keep their joy in their heritage created by Jesus Himself.  They are a Chosen People to bring the God of Israel to the whole world.  Their entire Torah is about Jesus and His love for all people, Jew and Non-Jew.  They are called to be a nation of priests and light to the Gentiles.  Come and learn why Christianity is a Jewish faith now open to all humanity through the Jewish Messiah.


We provide a congregational experience that allows our brothers and sisters to experience their Hebraic roots through our Messianic style of worship, Scripture-based teachings and messages, discipleship and fellowship. We want Christians to become empowered with a deeper spirit-filled walk as they more fully understand who Jesus is and the meaning of Old Testament in relationship to their lives today!


Faith comes from hearing the Word of God.  The Bible is from Genesis through Revelation.  We want all people to know God personally and we can best do that through first seeing the Jewish scriptures and how they are the foundation for Christianity.  We want our Church body to be blessed with the richness of Messiah’s Hebraic culture and roots.  Each week we disciple our congregation from the Word of God.


We encourage all people to come to faith in their Jewish Messiah and to embrace a love for the Jewish side of Jesus.  We feel that God is working through the Holy Spirit to redeem Christianity back for the Jewish people and a Jewish Messiah back for our Church.


Christianity is founded on the Jewish Torah and the Prophets.  It is about a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus the Messiah.  By faith in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, we begin a new life as a spiritual child.  We are given new life by God’s Spirit.  We receive God’s own Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God who lives in our hearts as a testimony of our eternal life and God’s love for us.


Our Jewish brothers and sisters should also rejoice that Jesus is coming back to redeem and bless the people of Israel.  When Messiah Jesus returns, He will establish Jerusalem and Israel as the heart of the Messianic Kingdom and the Church.


Please call for time and place of service call 248 312 8277


In the Messiah’s service,



Rabbi John Denson

Congregation Leader


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