To My Jewish Friends,

My name is Rev. John Denson and I am the leader of Shalom Ministry, which is a ministry that is faithful and loyal in supporting my Jewish friends and the nation of Israel’s right to exist.

We have been active for some time now in terms of addressing the concerns of the Jewish community. I have spoken for Hillel at Wayne State University urging the African-American students to support Israel and to speak out against anti-Semitism. I have also traveled to several predominantly Black colleges—Miles College in Birmingham, Alabama, comes to mind—on the same topics. I am a member of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills and have been taking groups of Gentile Christians for tours since 2007. Our organization is planning to hold a pro-Israel rally late this summer, hopefully at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield. That being said, let me tell you why I am so passionately involved with serving Israel.

The main reason is because I believe Yeshua of Nazareth was and is the Mashiach of Israel and Savior of the world. I believe that when the Messiah comes and sits on the throne of David, all the nations of the Earth will come and worship Him there. It’s because of this conviction that I am compelled to stand with Israel and preach against anti-Semitism, racism and any form of injustice done to the Chosen People. I also look for opportunities to share my belief, not only with Gentiles, but with Jews, as well. We here at Shalom Ministry worship on Shabbat and celebrate Passover and all the holidays that God has given. We believe in only one God, and He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We affirm our belief in Yeshua as Messiah and maintain our identity as African-Americans.

I just want to set the record straight so we are not accused of forcing our belief on any person, Jew or Gentile. However, we will share when the opportunity presents itself.

I attend a Messianic Jewish congregation, which is comprised of Jews and Gentiles who share my belief in Yeshua. What concerns me is that some Jewish people seem to think that we are a threat to their Jewish heritage. I want to reassure any Jewish person that we reinforce their Jewish heritage and identity and do not believe that if they believe in the Messiah that they are no longer Jewish. I just want to remind you that throughout history, I see no one more Jewish than Yeshua of Nazareth. He was born a Jew, His mother was Jewish, He was circumcised on the eight day and was an observant Jew all of His life.

In my opinion, more Christians need to hear this message so that they can be pro-Israel, as well. This applies especially to the Black church, where some of the leaders are embracing people like Louis Farrakhan and others who are condemning Israel and preaching falsehood. I urge the Jewish community to stand with me and people like us, who embrace the Jewish community because of our faith and convictions that Yeshua is Messiah and our belief that the God of Israel is the only true God.

Again, our support for Israel is steady and dependable. Shalom Ministry supports other Jewish endeavors in Israel and Ethiopia, as well. It is my hope that people in the local Jewish community will join us in our pro-Israel rally soon.

May the God of Israel make His face shine upon you and give you his Shalom.

At your service,

Pastor John Denson


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