Greetings in the name of our glorious Messiah Yeshua!

As the recently elected chairman of the board of Shalom Ministry and a Jewish believer in Messiah Yeshua, I want to tell you about a unique approach to Jewish evangelism led by the Rev. John Denson, Shalom Ministry’s executive director.

Shalom Ministry is perhaps the first and only evangelical outreach to the Jewish community led by African Americans. In addition to taking the gospel to God’s chosen people, the ministry also seeks to bridge the gap between the Messianic community and the Black church—which brings me to the reason for this letter:  Shalom Ministry is in the process of expanding and broadening its outreach, and we are in urgent need of your support and participation. It is our desire to begin a network among compatible organizations that share our passion and fervor to see the salvation of the People of the Book.

Most of you have the mechanisms in place to reach the Jewish community, and we don’t wish to duplicate the time and effort that you have already invested. Rather, we are looking for opportunities combine our evangelical efforts with yours for greater effectiveness in Jewish evangelism. For example, perhaps you would be willing to link your website with Shalom Ministry’s, or include a story about the ministry or interview with Rev. Denson in your organization or church newsletter.

One thing we have learned in this ministry—and I’m certain you will agree—is that African Americans have greater opportunities (and, we firmly believe, a mandate) to go to the Jewish people with the gospel. God has given Rev. Denson and his wife, Donna, many opportunities to share their faith while visiting organizations such as Hillel, B’nai B’rith, Jewish community centers and even the Holocaust Memorial Center. They also conduct a support group, called Chaverot, for Jewish believers and their families. While many of these witnessing opportunities would be extremely difficult, even nonexistent, for Messianic believers, we have found that the door is much more likely to open for African American believers.

As the mission relates to the Black church, the Densons have been sounding the shofar and encouraging ministerial leadership to not only get involved with Shalom Ministry in Jewish evangelism, but to make it the priority, and also to serve as advocates for our Messianic brothers and sisters. Additionally, we are asking the Black church to financially under gird ministries that agree with our position, “to the Jew first.” I must tell you that I believe the Black church is an untapped resource for our collective endeavor; and I urge you to tap into the vision to work together with the Shalom Ministry for the cause of Messiah!

Along with this letter, I am enclosing a brochure and two CDs. One is an interview and the other is a dramatization of Rev. Denson’s life story. Please make every effort to review this material and seek the Lord’s leading in how we can join forces. Additionally, please visit our website at and read the “Open Letter” (found in the drop-down box under the heading, “About Us”).

Shalom Ministry’s mission is unique, and we are calling on you to encourage the Densons with your prayer support as well as other resources that you may provide as God leads.

Your brother in Messiah,



Dr. Timothy Broe

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