Shalom Ministry is a Christian, evangelistic ministry with a three-fold focus. First, it seeks to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ to Jewish people, Jesus himself being a Jew and the Messiah promised in the scriptures.

Second, it seeks to bring peace and understanding a closer relationship between the African American community and the Jewish community.

Third, it seeks to build bridges between the Christian churches and the Messianic Jewish community to strengthen the bond of unity within the body of Christian believers.

In furtherance of its aims, Shalom Ministry has been engaged in speaking at churches, civic groups, Christian schools and colleges and Jewish groups. The message it brings to these meetings includes an appreciation of the Jewish roots of Christianity and the debt of gratitude owed by the Christian church to the Jewish people. Shalom Ministry has and continues to present the significance of Passover to Christian groups through Seder dinners, with explanation of the prophetic elements of the Seder in terms of the Messiah, Jesus Christ (Yeshua). It seeks to encourage African American believers in Jesus Christ and American churches to reach out to the Jewish people in respect and with love.

Shalom Ministry has lectured before the Black Ministerial Alliance in Michigan and at various events in American churches. Shalom’s leaders have met with leaders of the Israeli government and with local leaders of both the Jewish and African American communities with a view to bridging gaps between them.

Shalom Ministry has shared the Christian faith at Shalom Sabbath dinners in Jewish homes, and has and continues to distribute tracts and other literature it has developed to both African American and Jewish people and groups.

Plans for near term and future activities include expansion of the activities described above. In addition, Shalom Ministry is planning a major evangelistic campaign and concert in Michigan, and is training evangelistic teams that will move throughout the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area and Wayne State University and the University of Michigan campuses in an effort to present the gospel of Jesus Christ and to promote not only harmony and acceptance, but real relationship between the Christian and Jewish communities, particularly the African American Christian and Jewish communities.

A “summit” between African American and Messianic Jewish leaders is being sponsored to develop key strategies for working together for the cause of Christ, and will be developing media presentations, books, tapes and CD’s in support of this effort. Longer-term goals include organizing trips to Israel to minister to Ethiopian Jews and to enhance the appreciation of Israel’s significance in the Christian experience.

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